Cymber Lily Quinn, harpist, composer, teacher

Coming from Texas, Andrea Cortez designed a month-long self-study in Reiki and healing harp modes. We met for harp lessons three times per week. She also took Hawaiian chanting lessons, took a silent guided hike in the Hawaii Volcanoes National Park, and took a telescope tour. She spent a great deal of time in retreat as well.                                You can do this, too. See the section below on designing your own retreat.

Harp Lessons

Improv Harp Lessons
If you’ve never played an instrument or the harp before, this is the place to start. You will be making your own music within just a few lessons. You’ll learn the Church Modes (Dorian, Phrygian, Lydian, Mixolydian, Aeolian, Locrian, and Ionian), time signatures, how to create melodies, and how to accompany yourself and others.

“That’s what I LOVE about u. u have such balance – technically strict when needed but in general very kind, empathetic, and loving. :) )))” – Edy K, student

Notated Harp Lessons
If you read music, or would like to learn to read music, I also teach harp playing by using sheet music. Together, we’ll pick your first songs, but after that, you can play whatever you love and interests you. You can learn improvisation, using the notated music as the basis for your improv.

Getting Together: Skype
I teach lessons by Skype to anywhere in the world. I live in Hawaii, which is convenient to both the US and Australia, and the East. Being 12 hours from Europe is easier than you think. Rates: $65 per hour

Getting Together: Hawaii
I live on the Island of Hawaii, near Hilo. If you live in East       Hawaii, you are welcome to come to my house, or we can meet other places. Rates: $60 per hour

Hawaiian Harp Retreat (CEUs optional)

If you would like an intensive Hawaiian harp retreat, we can help you design a retreat for rest, relaxation and harp, with optional Reiki instruction.

“I was very fortunate to have the opportunity to  travel to Hawaii and
study harp with Cymber.  I immediately felt at ease with her during
lessons, as she is a very patient, centered and grounded teacher.  Cymber
has much knowledge about the harp.  During my studies she helped me to
understand the healing qualities of the harp and how such a beautiful
instrument could bring joy into my own life. Thank you Cymber.”- Andrea Cortez, Austin, Texas

In the past, custom retreats have included Reiki instruction, improv harp, as well as Hawaiian chanting and hula instruction, private guided walks through the Hawaiian Volcanoes National Park, telescope tours, and visits to historic and cultural sights. Accommodations are up to you, and there is inexpensive, moderate, and luxurious all near Hilo. If you are planning a retreat, be sure to plan for a car. The Big Island is Big!

Some retreatants have been able to get grants to study culture on Hawaii. Others have designed a program to fulfill their Continuing Education Credits. There are creative ways to have your retreat funded.

Rates: custom, depending on length of stay,
number of lessons, and other activities.