Audio Blog: Just for Today

“Just For Today” refers to the basic Reiki belief…that if you focus your energy on today, you can restore harmony to your body and energies:

“Just for today, do not become angry. Choose to find the lesson instead. [Read more...]

March 10 Concert: Driving Directions to A Beautiful Day Spa

I hope you will join us for a Harp Meditation concert at A Beautiful Day Spa.
March 10, 2013 — 3:30 p.m.
We will have tea and socializing, starting at 3:30 p.m.
The concert will start at 4 p.m and run for about an hour.

Set aside your stress for a few moments. Come find that inner quiet place inside you. Let the harp take you to a deep place of inner peace and calm.

Here are the driving directions…see you there!

A Beautiful Day Spa is located at 16-1436 39th Ave. off of Laniuma and Pohaku PLACE in Kea’au. Look for this sign.

Driving directions to A Beautiful Day Spa:
A Beautiful Day Spa is located in East Hawaii, about halfway between Hilo and Pahoa.

If you are coming from Kona or Waikoloa, allow about three hours. From Honoka’a, allow two.

It takes about 20 minutes to come from Hilo or Pahoa unless there is heavy traffic. Plan accordingly.

We suggest printing these directions, as Google Maps isn’t always correct.
* From Hilo, take Highway 130 towards Pahoa.

* Just past the 4 mile marker, turn right on Pohaku PLACE (between Pohaku Drive and Pohaku Circle.)

* At the end, make a left, then your first right onto Laniuma. Go up to 39th and make a right. We are the second property on the left. 16-1436 39th Ave.

* Just pull in and drive past the trees, you will see parking near the spa.

* From Pahoa, head towards Hilo and turn left on Orchidland Drive.

* Go up to 39th and make a right.

* Go about a mile, through the stop sign and we are the second driveway on the left. 16-1436 39th Ave.

If you need to call, A Beautiful Day Spa is at (808) 990-6838. They may be in session, so leave a message, and they will call you back just as soon as they can.

A Message from Cymber Lily

Cymber Lily Quinn, Reiki master and meditation harpistAloha, friend.
And welcome to the world of the harps.

I’m so glad you found us! I’ve been waiting for you, getting ready for your arrival.

Maybe you have always loved harp music.
Or you just heard one for the first time recently, and you want to hear more.
Maybe someone played for you in the hospital. Or concert hall.
It was special.

For me, the journey to the harps and Reiki started when I became very ill with something that doctors couldn’t diagnose for 28 years. In my search to become well, I discovered the instinctive love the people have for harp music, and how it was always able to bring me comfort and relief. I was extremely lucky to meet Lisa Swisher, a Reiki master par excellance, who introduced me to the idea that the body can heal itself if it’s allowed to rest long enough. I believe that harps and Reiki kept me alive, so that I could finally find the treatment that worked. And in completing my treatment, I know that the harps and Reiki allowed that treatment to work deeper and more effectively.

No matter what part of the journey you are one, you are in the right place, and it is the right time. I hope that you enjoy your time exploring this site.

I focus on the health benefits of

  • harps
  • Reiki – a Japanese style of energy balancing
  • relaxation
  • meditation

If the body is allowed to rest and relax, it can restore itself to health. Both Reiki and harp music are powerful – and natural – tools for bringing the body into balance.

Please take your time, and enjoy the information here.

Practical Reiki Harp Quote

Here’s a quick meditation to bring healing Reiki energies into your moment right now.

“You have a clean slate every day you wake up.You have a chance every single morning to make that change and be the person you want to be, You just have to decide to do it. Decide today’s the day. Say it, this is going to be my day.”

  • Take just a few moments and sit quietly.
  • Place your feet on the floor. Take your shoes off, if you can.
  • Exhale completely three times.
  • If you know the Reiki symbols, choose one and focus on it as you breathe.
  • On the next exhale, say, “This is going to be my day.” Silently or out loud.
  • Exhale three more times.
  • Listen for the next sounds you hear.

Relax, and go on with your day. Notice any changes in the way you approach your activities.

Problems, Joys, and Whales

Cymber Lily Quinn, reiki heaing harp, meditation and relaxationWow, I got so many great responses from my last email…

I asked “What’s your most pressing problem?” and you wrote about gun control and education.You told me about needing to find homes for your sheep. You want to learn to sing and drum, too.

What brought you the most joy? One of you helped the Salvation Army give toys to 1,300 children. One of you gave your honey-spouse a back scratch.

One of you shared Christmas carols with friends, and made it onto TV.

My most pressing problem lately has been learning the technology to communicate with you. And after years of digging into this stuff I’m finally starting to get the hang of it. Wow.

What brought me the most joy?

Seeing the whales.

They winter in Hawaii, and the other morning, I was dancing my morning hula. I was struggling with the last part, and had danced through it several times to get it right. At the end, I looked up, through my outstretched hands, and saw the spouts of two whales.

Then I saw them jump. It was magical.

What was the last magical thing you experienced?

I’d love to hear about it.

Wishing you blessings of Reiki, harps and Hawaii,


PS - I am making changes to my website and to my newsletter. Be on the lookout for a one-time new subscription change soon.

ReikiHealingHarp: Music Works as well as Massage at Lowering Anxiety

Works As Well As A Massage At Lowering Anxiety

Massages are super-relaxing, sure — but a study in the journal Depression and Anxiety shows that music could also do the trick, at least when it comes to decreasing anxiety.

Researchers from the Group Health Research Institute found that patients who got 10 hour-long massages had the same decreased anxiety symptoms three months later as people who simply listened to music (and went sans-massage), HealthDay reported.

The study included 68 people who received the 10 massages with music, laid down while listening to music (but didn’t get a massage), or were wrapped with warm pads and towels while listening to music (but didn’t get a massage), according to HealthDay.

via Music And Health: 11 Ways Playing And Listening To Music Help Both Body And Mind.

Happy New Year…How are you?…Let’s catch up.

Cymber Quinn, winner of 2011 Big Island Music Award, Reiki master and meditation and relaxation harpistAloha fans of Reiki Healing Harp! Aloha Kakou!

It’s a new year, and I’m committed to reaching out and talking to you more. I’m building a new website, and excited to share lots of news with you.

But first…I’d like to hear from you.  It’s been a while since we’ve talked. How are you?

What’s your most pressing problem? If one thing could change in your day or your life that could make a big difference, what would that be? Is is something musical? Non-musical?

What’s the best thing you did for someone recently? How did your actions make someone’s day or life easier and better?

I’d love to hear from you.

Write to me at

Or join the conversation on my Facebook Page:

Thank you and blessings ofReiki, Music, and Aloha from Hawai’i Island!
PS – Start looking for exciting changes at in the coming weeks!

Confessions of a closet Reiki master

I have a very rich internal life, a life that I have worked hard to hide from the world, but now seems to want to come out. I’ll start by telling you about a recent healing session I experienced myself. I wanted to have a thorough cleansing to start the New Year off right, so I went to visit my friend, teacher, and sister, Joy Gardner.

Joy led me through a guided meditation to look at a blockage that was holding me back in my Human Energy Field. The blockage was located in the first chakrah. Joy asked me if I was seeing any images with my eyes closed. My mind closed in on a nightmare that I had for many years as a child.

I’m small, 6 years old. It’s dark and I’m in an open field, running toward a gas station. It’s fluorescent lights fill the area with brilliant white light. I know it is a safe place. As I run toward the gas station, a giant foot descends from the sky, and stomps between me and the gas station to stop me.

Joy started asking questions of the little girl in the dream:

Joy: Who’s foot is that?

Little Girl: God’s.

Joy: Why won’t God let you in?

Little Girl: Because I would ruin his plan. I will get recycled at some point, and return to the All That Is. But for now, I have to wait on the recycling heap.

Joy: That sounds more like your parents than God.

Little Girl: Maybe. I’ll think about that.

Joy: You have a Fairy Godmother with you now. Do you see her?

Little Girl: No.

Joy: Look around. She’s there. Believe in her and you’ll see her.

Little Girl: I see her. I’m mad at her. Where was she before?

Joy: She knows you are mad, and she is sorry. Now she wants to make it better. Let’s turn the foot into a mountain.

Little Girl: Wow, when you said do that, the foot got tiny. It was a tiny glass foot, and I just stomped on it.

Joy: Do you want to sweep it up?

Little Girl: No, the wind will blow the pieces away.

After the wind blew the pieces away, Joy gradually helped me return to present time and we completed the healing session.


Later after the session, I wondered if I would really be able to let go of all the painful memories and difficulties associated with that dream and that time in my life.

I began performing a Reiki treatment on myself. I do this by drawing the first Reiki symbol, ChoKuRei, over each of my chakrah centers, and the chakrahs in the feet, knees and hips, hands, elbows, and shoulders. The tricky part about doing self-Reiki treatments is remembering to receive as well as give. Gradually, I could feel the gentleness settling over me, and I could rest.

I like this combination of Reiki, and inner fantasy life. I’ll be writing more about it as I meet more of the characters.

Salvi Egan electro-acoustic for sale or trade

  • 2010 Salvi Egan Electro -Acoustic
  • Black
  • 38 strings (wire, gut, nylon)
  • Pick ups on every string
  • Bass and treble channels
  • Recently upgraded hardware in the treble channel
  • Soft case
  • Full set of strings
  • Original shipping box
  • Some warranty left.
  • Lovingly cared for and played in private and at many art galleries, meditation concerts and shows.

Note to smaller players: This a big harp, better suited to taller players with longer arms. The body on this harp is wider than the acoustic model to accommodate the electronics and requires a longer reach. I have short arms, and this is the only reason I am selling this harp.

Noche: $5760
Strings: $300
Soft case: $312
Noche Total: $6372 + shipping
(+ sales tax if applicable)

Or trade for a

  • Lyon & Healy Silhouette lever harp
  • Camac Electric lever harp

For comparison, here are new prices

New Egan: $7200
Full set of strings, including wires: $300
Soft case: $390
Total: $7890 (new) + shipping

(new here…

Buyer pays shipping from Hilo, HI.

The harp has experienced only normal string breakage, mostly in the gut strings. It has no other issues. The treble channel was upgraded in May 2012.

This harp is located near Hilo, Hawaii, and has lived the past two years in a moderately humid climate. If you bring this harp to a drier environment, please give it time to adjust.

Most of the recordings on this website were recorded on this Salvi Egan electro-acoustic, plugged into GarageBand.

Here I am playing the harp, though the sound is richer in other recordings and in person.

I look forward to helping this harp come into your life and home.

Harpy Blessings,
Cymber Lily

Noche: $5760
Strings: $300
Soft case: $312
Noche Total: $6372 + shipping
(+ sales tax if applicable)

Or trade for a

  • Lyon & Healy Silhouette lever harp
  • Camac Electric lever harp


This harp has nylon strings in the upper register, gut strings in the middle register, and wire wrapped strings in the bass. It was the gut strings that sold me — can you say “sounds like buttah?”

Pick-ups on every string give a distinctive and pure sound. I will definitely buy another harp with pick-ups on every string again. Loved it.



Nope, those aren’t strings. Those are the wires from each pick-up attached to a computer board.


Here are the bass (left) and treble (right) jacks. I upgraded the treble channel in May 2012. Sounds great.

This is a gorgeous harp with a full rich, deeply resonant sound. I have enjoyed it immensely.

Noche: $5760
Strings: $300
Soft case: $312
Noche Total: $6372 + shipping
(+ sales tax if applicable)

Or trade for a

  • Lyon & Healy Silhouette lever harp
  • Camac Electric lever harp


Student Recording: “Clover’s Dream” by Andrea Cortez

Here’s Andrea’s sweet Clover, muse and inspiration.

Although Andrea was my student, her playing is far from elementary. I hope you enjoy her beautiful composition, inspired by her dog, Clover!