ReikiHealingHarp: Reiki is Good For…Reducing Physical Pain

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Reiki has been shown to be quite effective at creating a relaxed state that reduces physical pain.

If you or a family member or friend is suffering from physical pain, receiving Reiki, — either in a traditional form or through harp music — can help by providing deep relaxation. Reiki and harp music both

* give you a distraction to break your mind away from focusing on the pain
* provide a calming of the nerves and nervous system
* reduces the amount of time needed to heal after surgery.
* helps the body come back into balance to it can heal itself
* helps promote the healing effects of any drugs or herbal remedies you may be taking.

Reiki and harp music both cause the body to relax deeply. In this state of deep peace, your body can more easily absorb any treatments you are taking, making them more effective.

The state of deep calm also allows much of the tension that accompanies pain to release. Though there may still be pain after a Reiki Healing Harp treatment, most clients report that the pain is significantly reduced, and they are able to rise above the pain and find the lessons in it.

How to Do Reiki Pain Relief at Home

The ability to give and receive Reiki is part of our electro-magnetic system of the human body (many animals can give Reiki, too). It is a natural part of being a human and doesn’t cost anything to access and use. There is an endless supply of healing Reiki energy, and anyone can tap into it for their own healing purposes. The only difference between ordinary folks, and people who have Reiki training is Reiki practitioners are able to focus the energy in more concentrated doses.

(For those of you with a mischievous twinkle in your eye, Reiki energy simply won’t work if someone tries to use it for other than healing and blessing).

Before you get started, pick out some relaxing music, something that you really love. Put that on gently in the background.

* Sit or lie in a comfortable position. Hands in a comfortable position. Feet flat on the floor or in a comfortable position.

* Exhale completely. Feel your feet on the floor.

* Inhale slowly from the bottom of your stomach. As you inhale, fill up as full as you can, to the top. Feel your hands.

* Exhale completely. Slowly. Feel your feet.

* Inhale slowly from the bottom. Feel your hands.

* Exhale completely. Slowly. Feel your feet.

* Inhale slowly from the bottom. Feel your hands.

Now, place your hands over your eyes, cupping them. You can gently place your palms on your closed eyes. You can cup over your closed eyes. Breathe gently, and feel your feet.

Now, imagine that heat and healing energies are coming from your hands into your eyes. These energies are healing your eyes, brain, pituitary, and so on. Your own vibration is the perfect match for healing your own body.

Take several deep breaths while your eyes are covered.

When you are ready, and only when you are ready, slowly remove your hands from your eyes. Gently open your eyes, and notice how you feel.

Notice your hands and thank them. Notice your feet and thank them.

Congratulations, you have just given yourself a Reiki treatment!

I’d love to hear how your treatment was for you…

Reiki Healing Harp: Playing Harp Makes for Happy Hands

Cymber Lily Quinn, harpist, healing harp, reiki, reiki master, composer

Cho-Ku-Rei is the main shape I use for focusing energy. Its shape symbolizes the integration of the masculine (Yang) and feminine (Yin) energies within the human body. The top line represents the masculine. The vertical line represents the spine in the body. The spiral represents the feminine.

One of the great benefits of being a harpist and a Reiki practitioner is that my hands feel great all the time.

In my practice of Reiki, I draw symbols on my hands to begin the flow of Reiki. The basic symbol is Cho-Ku-Rei, which is a “focusing lens” that I use in all my work. The symbol itself does not create the energy, but the motion of my mind going over the shape is what focuses the Reiki energy.

If what you think about is what comes into reality, then by focusing a clear mind on Cho-Ku-Rei and your hands, the Reiki energies will begin to radiate to the hands. This is a personal experience, and must be experienced to be fully understood.

Many practitioners experience Reiki energy in their hands as tingling, heat, and lightness. In my imagination, I see that my hands become lenses for focusing Reiki energy, and I frequently feel heat and tingling. Once when working with a cancer patient, I felt waterfalls flowing though my hands.

In December 2007, I added the harp.

Cymber Lily Quinn, reiki, harp, reiki music, healing harp

The stretching action of the pluck wakes up the meridians in my hands, and allows a good flow of Reiki through my hands.

The physical motion of plucking a string stretches muscles, tendons, ligaments. 206 of them in the human hand, all in motion during the plucking action. In Traditional Chinese Medicine, all the meridians in the body exit through the fingers and toes. The plucking action of the harp stretches those meridians, allowing energies to flow more freely through the hands.

Plucking Starts the Flow of Reiki

This morning, I was playing harp for my husband over the phone. He’s on a business trip, and missing his daily dose of healing harp. As I was playing for him, I noticed as my the muscles and tendons in my hands began to warm up, the flow of Reiki was starting without my intention.

My hands felt very happy to be playing and to have Reiki energy running through them. My mind was a little disconcerted to have been briefly cut out of the loop, but is now happily enjoying the benefits of happy hands, too.

Your Hands Can Be Happy, Too

Reiki is a folk art, and is something anyone can do if they want to. You give Reiki whenever you give comfort and connection to another. You give Reiki when you kiss a boo-boo, talk to a plant, listen to a co-worker. Formal Reiki training allows you to give comfort and connection is more concentrated doses.

How to Have Happy Hands

  • If you have a job or a hobby that uses your hands, try giving a little comfort and connection when you do that next.
  • If you spend time at the computer, spend just a moment, and imagine comfort and connection flowing into your hands and out your fingers. Then continue through your day.
  • If you spend time with plants, take just a breath or two, and imagine comfort and connection flowing into your hands as you touch the plants.
  • How do your hands feel when you do this?
  • Extra credit: Put a not on your calendar for two weeks from now to look back and see if there are changes where you put your hands.

Let me know…

The First Principle of Reiki: Just for Today, Do Not Become Angry

Cymber Lily Quinn, Reiki master, harpist, writer, speaker, author, composer

Reiki practice asks us to remain calm, no matter what is going on around us. Through this calm, we can bring balance and health to our lives.

It seems so simple. Just don’t get angry. Stop yourself before you go there.

And with practice, it becomes simple and easy.

But at first, it’s tricky to catch yourself before you go on an anger trip. If you’re like me, you grew up with anger all around you. My parents were unhappily married, and then unhappily divorced. We saw anger used on TV in comedies and dramas. We even have Angry Birds. Shoot first and ask questions, later, cowboy.

Reiki gives us permission to set all that anger down. Just for today. Just for now.

“Just for today,
You can be at peace.
For one day,
Your heart can rest
And catch its breath.”

Here’s a little Reiki Healing Harp to help you set down any angers you have today.

* Sit quietly with your feet on the floor, hands in a comfortable open position.
* Exhale completely. Hold for a moment. Inhales from the bottom upwards.
* Exhale completely, again. Hold. Inhale from the bottom.
* Exhale completely, and slowly. Hold. Inhale slowly from the bottom.
* Feel the bottoms of your feet touching the earth (or your shoes, carpet, sand or whatever your feet are on).
* Sit up a little taller, and feel your heart center reach up to the sky.
* Notice your breath.

Relax and enjoy the music.


Receiving Reiki from Nature: Our Planet Earth

A Reiki treatment doesn’t have to come from a practitioner, though that is nice. Reiki comes from the natural motion of the universe. By just enjoying the variety of Nature, you are entering into the flow where Reiki comes from.

So if you can’t get to the beach or the desert today, here’s a bit coming to visit you at your computer.

Using Reiki for healing old habits

“Those old habits don’t have to be erased, they just become replaced by a new habit that is more in vibrational harmony with who you are and what you want.”— Abraham

One wonderful way to replace old habits is with Reiki energy. Even if you are not a Reiki practitioner, you have the ability to bring Reiki energy into your body.

Sit with your feet flat on the floor and your hands in a comfortable and open position. Exhale completely. Hold briefly. Inhale from the bottom of your stomach upwards until you are full.

Exhale completely. Hold briefly. Inhale from the bottom again.

Exhale completely. Hold briefly. Inhale from the bottom again.

Breathe normally and feel your hands and feet.

I’d love to hear how this experience was for you…Blessings.


Using Reiki to Balance Solar Flares

Scientists say that this year, 2012, and next year 2013, our Sun will experience one of the largest periods of solar activity in more than 100 years.


If you are energetically sensitive, these solar winds can cause dizziness, mental confusion, free-floating worry and grief, and other weird symptoms that don’t respond to normal treatments. Here’s the NASA article on the solar flares…



One way to regain your center is to place your feet flat on the floor, as close to barefoot as you can conveniently be. Place your hands in a comfortable position: some people like their palms up, palms down, or hands in prayer position. I like to place my hands on the ground next to my hips, sometimes. Find a comfortable position.



As you inhale, do it gently. 

You will naturally fill from the bottom of your abdomen. 

Exhale, completely.

Inhale gently.

Exhale completely, for the last time.

Inhale gently.

Take a moment and listen. 

Try to identify as many different sounds around you as you can. 

Really listen.


That’s it. You’re done.


Reiki and the Harp: Entrainment to Health

(This article was originally published in The Reiki Digest,

Reiki and the harp have a lot in common: they both use vibration as a mode for healing and they both use entrainment as the means for delivering the vibrational healing.

Vibrational Medicine

Both Reiki and harp music use a vibratory model for healing rather than chemical, mechanical, etc. Vibrational healing happens most often in the electromagnetic fields of subtle body, also known as the Human Energy Field.

But what is vibration? At the most basic level, it is an oscillation between two points. It is a measurement of movement of a specific type and strength, through a specific type of medium. For example, sound waves, including harp music, travel through air. Ocean waves travel through water. Reiki waves travel through subtle, electromagnetic and physical bodies, as well as through media we cannot yet measure. The rate at which the waves wiggle, the direction they travel and the medium they travel through tell us how the vibration will feel when it arrives and what effect it might have in healing.


Vibrations of Reiki

“Because of work done by the late C. Andrew L. Bassett and his colleagues at Columbia University College of Physicians and Surgeons in New York, we know that the important frequencies for stimulating tissue repair are all in the biologically important Extremely Low Frequency (ELF) range,” says James Oschman, Ph.D., in his article, “Science and the Human Energy Field.” Dr. Bassett’s research identified which ELF frequencies were most helpful in healing. “Two cycles per second (Hz) is effective for nerve regeneration, seven Hz is optimal for bone growth, ten Hz is used for ligaments and somewhat higher frequencies work for skin and capillaries,” writes Dr. Oschman. The FDA first approved therapy using pulsing ELF in machines in 1979. Today there are many manufacturers. My friend, Dr. Carol McMakin, is a pioneer in this field.

Another study, by Dr. John Zimmerman, University of Colorado, found that trained hands-on healing practitioners, including Reiki practitioners, could emit from their hands the very same pulsing ELF energy that is needed for the body to heal.


The Vibrating Harp

“The harp provides healing energy by directly stimulating the vibratory/pressure receptors in the body,” writes Sarajane Williams in her book Good Vibrations, Principles of Vibroacoustic Harp Therapy.  “[The harp] has a very wide pitch range and a sonorous timbre with a long decay, that vibrates and resonates with the tissues of the body, thereby affecting physiological processes.

“The plucked string produces an infinite number of harmonics which are capable of vibrating the dense, physical body as well as its energetic counterpart, providing multi-level stimulation and harmonization,” she continues. “A listener is capable of perceiving the action of plucking a string as a feeling of tension and release that resonates in his/her muscles, similar to a massage.”

“The harp creates resonance so beautifully because the strings produce pure overtones across the whole  spectrum,” wrote Susan Zevenbergen, harp teacher and mentor of the International Harp Therapy Program. “Perhaps only the voice and the singing bowl do that too, though with a timbre that is quite different.”

Cynthy Johnson, a Reiki Master/Teacher and graduate of the International Harp Therapy Program, commented: “If we think of sound, i.e., harp music, as vibrating energy and the energy that has been scientifically measured from a Reiki Master-Teacher’s hands, it makes sense that both occupy the same space/area and can be part of the overall session.”


Come Along  With Me: Entrainment

Reiki and harp music deliver healing frequencies through a process called entrainment. Entrainment seems to have been first noticed by a European craftsman in the mid-1600s who built pendulum clocks, Christian Huygens. One day he noticed that all of the clock pendulums were moving together. No matter how he tried to change their swings, they would quickly come back into synchronization. Later scientific studies would show that all pendulums…indeed all vibrating things…would tend to swing in rhythm with the strongest one in the room.

In his book The World is Sound, Joachim-Ernst Berendt writes, “Science has taught us that [entrainment] is universal. Two oscillators pulsating in the same field in almost identical rhythm will tend to lock in, with the result that eventually their vibrations will be come precisely synchronous. This phenomenon is referred to as mutual phase-locking or entrainment. Entrainment is universal in nature.

“In fact, it is so ubiquitous that we hardly notice it,” he continues. “It is a physical phenomenon, but it is more than that, because it informs us about the tendency of the Universe to share rhythms, that is to vibrate in harmony.”

Entrainment in Practice

So it may be that when a Reiki practitioner begins the flow of Reiki, entrainment is happening in the Human Energy Field and in the physical body. As the Reiki practitioner’s hands emit healing frequencies,  the client’s energy field and body will tend to resonate with the healthy frequencies for two reasons: 1) it is the body’s natural vibration and it wants to return there, and 2) Reiki energy from a practitioner is more concentrated and focused than the body’s energy. Reiki energy is “the strongest one in the room,” so the body’s energy will entrain to it.


Entraining to the Harp

Entrainment with the harp also works at many levels. Harp music can both be heard and felt and its relaxing nature allows people to open their energy fields more easily. With open fields, Reiki energy can penetrate deeper and more gently.

It is the physical shape and materials of the harp that gives it this special quality, called “resonance.”

What is resonance? Imagine a room full of people all singing their own song, some humming tunelessly, others humming joyfully, all out of sync with each other. The room is full of noise.

Then one person starts singing louder and it is a song that everyone knows. Pretty soon, you have a room that is singing together, some in unison, some in harmony. Everyone feels relaxed and happy to be singing. The noise is gone. This is resonance.

Because of the way the harp is constructed, each note that comes out of a harp is like the room of happy singers, with no “noise.” This is considered to be a “pure tone” and the more pure the tone, the more concentrated the healing.

In addition, the harp can sustain this resonance for a long time, with very little or no decay. And because the tones last long, the body has time to entrain to the tones. During a healing, the harp becomes “the strongest one in the room.”

Healing harpists are also taught how to entrain clients at the physical level. They are trained to look for signals from clients such as heart rate or breathing rates as baseline rhythms. Once the harpist and the client are entrained, the harpist can carefully change the vibration of the client’s energies, tissues and subtle bodies in order for the body to balance itself.

“In order to accomplish the goal of entrainment, we must begin with music that reflects the state the person is in when we start to play for them,” writes Christina Tourin, founder and director of the International Harp Therapy Program, in her class manual, Cradle of Sound.

“If someone is feeling depressed, we cannot simply play ‘happy’ music and expect that the person’s mood will change. We must proceed slowly and carefully, starting with music that matches the person’s mood, then shift gradually (both musically and over time) to music in other moods.”

Rich Fields of Opportunity

There are rich opportunities for research in the confluence of Reiki and harp music. And it is very exciting to see the possibilities for deep healing by using the harp to open fields to allow Reiki further access to the body.

Susan Zevenbergen writes: “In a sense, I think if you are sending Reiki with a harp, you are trying to give the energy forms a different physical presence through sound.”

Books and Articles

Healing with Sound, Color and Movement, by Fabien Maman.

The Reiki Touch, by William Lee Rand

Reiki for Dummies, by Nina L. Paul, PhD

The HeartMath Solution, by Doc Childre and Howard Martin with Donna Beech

Cradle of Sound: International Harp Therapy Manual, by Christina Tourin

Good Vibrations: Principles of Vibroacoustic Harp Therapy by Sarajane Williams

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“The Harp Links Worlds of Spirit and Matter,” an interview with Barbara Brennan and Marjorie Valeri, The Harp Therapy Journal, fall 1996.

The World is Sound, Joaquim-Ernst Berendt

What is Reiki Energy? It’s a Lot Like Sound…

When I first introduce people to the concept of Reiki treatments and healing energies, I say that it’s a lot like radio. There are a wide assortment of energies, frequencies, and vibrations that are going on around us all the time. Sometimes you can experience these frequencies directly: if you put your hand on a running car, you’ll feel the vibration of the engine. Or your kitty for that matter.

Most people experience the vibration of sound in their ears. If it’s really loud, they might experience the sound as physical vibration in the body.

Still other energies are too fine to be felt directly by your body. You need a microscope to see the tiny vibrations of an atom. You need an ultraviolet telescope to see the ultraviolet frequencies emitted by our own Sun.


Reiki Practitioner as Radio Transmitter

Like radio waves, Reiki energy is all around us all the time, in a diffuse form. Many Reiki healing energy signals bounce around us, and we cannot “hear” them without the aid of a Reiki attuned person.

Instead of a radio, a Reiki practitioner can literally “tune-in” and extract the Reiki healing energies from around us, and transmit them to you. A practitioner tuned to the Reiki frequency can extract the Reiki signal and transmit it to you as relaxation and balance.

Everyone is a Reiki Practitioner

BTW, everyone is a Reiki practitioner at some level. Any mother who has kissed a boo-boo has transmitted Reiki. Anytime you give someone comfort, you are also giving Reiki. It’s part of being human. Imagine that…

Schedule a Reiki session

To schedule a Reiki session — Traditional or by harp, either in-person or by Skype or by recording — please contact me at

Reiki for Your Family Pet

Giving Reiki is the same as giving comfort, only in more concentrated doses. Animals generally enjoy receiving Reiki, though there are some important differences in giving Reiki to animals.

First, if the animals receive regular petting, grooming and other playful handling, then they will probably enjoy being touched as you give Reiki. If the animal is skittish, you can give comfort and Reiki just by being calm when near them.

Animals energy systems are not blocked in the way that human systems are, so they can receive Reiki much quicker. In my practice, an animal’s Reiki session lasts less than 5 minutes, and often less than 2 minutes. The animals will move away when they feel they are complete. If you try to give them more Reiki, they will continue to run away.

However, when I am playing Reiki Healing Harp, my animals and animal clients will come close to the harp, and fall asleep. Dogs tend to roll onto their backs to expose their undersides to the full effect of the harp.

Find Reiki Healing Harp music, good for humans and animals…

What is Healing?

Healing is not Curing.

Curing seems to encompass the idea of being restored to original perfection.

Healing brings peace of mind, so that they body can come into balance and restore to natural health. Peace of mind also allows a person to make decisions from a place of centeredness.

Healing accepts that the original body grows and changes as life moves by. Healing helps the body adjust to the new realities of life. Healing bring peace in the center of the storm.