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“Just For Today” refers to the basic Reiki belief…that if you focus your energy on today, you can restore harmony to your body and energies:

“Just for today, do not become angry. Choose to find the lesson instead. [Read more...]

Join Ann White, Nadya Schubert, Linda Crawford, Maeve Crawford, Gail Browning, and me

Wake up to Wonderfilled Wednesdays on Creating Calm Radio

Wake up to Wonderfilled Wednesdays on Creating Calm Radio

I love Maeve Crawford’s post about manifesting her dream of becoming a radio show host. Way to go, Maeve, and it’s an honor to be aboard with you!

I also have wanted to do radio for a very long time. [Read more...]

Harp Novel: The Harpist of Madrid

517PxbxDm5L._AA160_“5.0 out of 5 stars; Delightful Historical Fiction, January 13, 2013
By Arleen Alleman

“I was curious about this book by fellow-author Gordon Thomas. I am so glad I decided to read it.

“First, the painstaking research that Mr. Thomas has obviously done is so seamless it is difficult to separate fact from his fanciful descriptions of 17th century Spain and the life of Juan Hidalgo. The characters spring to life and Juan’s professional and family adventures are imaginative and colorful to say the least.

“This book has so much to offer, from the enlightening history of the period to the characters’ erotic romps. I particularly admire how the author chose one somewhat obscure musician who worked at the court of King Philip IV and Charles II and wrote the music for Spain’s first two operas, and meticulously created a totally plausible personal and professional life, even touching on elements of the Inquisition and government spies and intrigue.

There is much one can learn about the society, art,and music of the era, but the reader is continuously and thoroughly entertained along the way.

Arleen is most famous for her Darcy Farthing series about an author come crime investigator.


You can pick up the book at

Listen to my interview on Hawaii Public Radio

Wowee, on February 27th, I had the great pleasure to be an guest on Hawaii Public Radio, on The Conversation.

It was an honor to be able to share information about harps, healing frequencies, heart rates, and music.

Harp Music Improves Blood Pressure

The harp can bring the body into balance, and now we have scientific proof. Here’s a re-post from Chris Goodman’s Blue Heron Health News:

It is said that music tames the savage heart, but researchers looking at patients in intensive care recently proved the adage to be true. But not just any music fits the bill.

Researchers looking at blood pressure and pain levels for patients in ICU recently found that playing a certain kind of music was very effective at lowering both.

The study out of the University of Arizona showed that a 10-minute harp performance didn’t just lower high blood pressure. It actually also brought up low blood pressure to normal levels.

One hundred participants were split into two groups. One was given 10-minute periods of quiet relaxation and the other was treated to the harp performances.

The participants in the harp group were found to have lower levels of pain than what they were reporting before the music, and their blood pressure was more stable than in the group without music.

The study’s publishers were quick to point out that music alone isn’t the factor that heals, but it does create the ideal environment to make healing progress more quickly, since normal blood pressure is such an important key in healing.



ReikiHealingHarp: Reiki is Good For…Reducing Physical Pain

Cymber Lily Quinn, pain relief, stress relief, composer, writer, Reiki masters

Reiki has been shown to be quite effective at creating a relaxed state that reduces physical pain.

If you or a family member or friend is suffering from physical pain, receiving Reiki, — either in a traditional form or through harp music — can help by providing deep relaxation. Reiki and harp music both

* give you a distraction to break your mind away from focusing on the pain
* provide a calming of the nerves and nervous system
* reduces the amount of time needed to heal after surgery.
* helps the body come back into balance to it can heal itself
* helps promote the healing effects of any drugs or herbal remedies you may be taking.

Reiki and harp music both cause the body to relax deeply. In this state of deep peace, your body can more easily absorb any treatments you are taking, making them more effective.

The state of deep calm also allows much of the tension that accompanies pain to release. Though there may still be pain after a Reiki Healing Harp treatment, most clients report that the pain is significantly reduced, and they are able to rise above the pain and find the lessons in it.

How to Do Reiki Pain Relief at Home

The ability to give and receive Reiki is part of our electro-magnetic system of the human body (many animals can give Reiki, too). It is a natural part of being a human and doesn’t cost anything to access and use. There is an endless supply of healing Reiki energy, and anyone can tap into it for their own healing purposes. The only difference between ordinary folks, and people who have Reiki training is Reiki practitioners are able to focus the energy in more concentrated doses.

(For those of you with a mischievous twinkle in your eye, Reiki energy simply won’t work if someone tries to use it for other than healing and blessing).

Before you get started, pick out some relaxing music, something that you really love. Put that on gently in the background.

* Sit or lie in a comfortable position. Hands in a comfortable position. Feet flat on the floor or in a comfortable position.

* Exhale completely. Feel your feet on the floor.

* Inhale slowly from the bottom of your stomach. As you inhale, fill up as full as you can, to the top. Feel your hands.

* Exhale completely. Slowly. Feel your feet.

* Inhale slowly from the bottom. Feel your hands.

* Exhale completely. Slowly. Feel your feet.

* Inhale slowly from the bottom. Feel your hands.

Now, place your hands over your eyes, cupping them. You can gently place your palms on your closed eyes. You can cup over your closed eyes. Breathe gently, and feel your feet.

Now, imagine that heat and healing energies are coming from your hands into your eyes. These energies are healing your eyes, brain, pituitary, and so on. Your own vibration is the perfect match for healing your own body.

Take several deep breaths while your eyes are covered.

When you are ready, and only when you are ready, slowly remove your hands from your eyes. Gently open your eyes, and notice how you feel.

Notice your hands and thank them. Notice your feet and thank them.

Congratulations, you have just given yourself a Reiki treatment!

I’d love to hear how your treatment was for you…

Gain a Sense of Wellness Just by Listening to Harp Music

Cymber Lily Quinn, harpist, reiki master, composer

Reiki harp music draws the healing energies and transmits them through the harp music. Most people and animals feel the effects of comfort and connection within about 20 minutes.

What if you could feel better, just by listening? That’s the goal of Reiki Healing Harp…to bring you deep comfort and connection.

How does Reiki Healing Harp work?

The harp has been bringing balance and wellness to people and animals for tens of thousands of years. It’s the shape of the instrument, the vibration of the strings, and the body’s love of sound that have kept the harp in the healing world for all these years.

The harp produces sound frequencies that bring bodies into balance, into harmony. For most people and animals, listening to 20 minutes of harp music creates a state of peace that is noticeable from a physiological point of view. The pulse slows, the breathing deepens. Many people and animal relax enough to fall asleep.

Combined with Reiki

Reiki is a Japanese system of energy work that gently helps the body to relax. When the body is in a relaxed state, it can heal itself. Traditionally, performed hands-on in a healing arts setting, Reiki can be combined with any of the healing arts to increase the energies of comfort, connection and relaxation.

I became a Reiki master-teacher first, and later began learning the harp. I had experience feeling the healing energies coming through my hands, so I was surprised one day when I noticed that Reiki automatically came out of my hands when I played the harp. The plucking action gently stretches the fingers, increasing blood flow and energy flow from a physical point of view. The vibrations of the harp strings also increase the energies in my hands. With the physical and energetic channels open, the harp opened the door wide for Reiki to come through.

Great for Reducing Stress

I created this music out of the most stressful times in my life. My step-daughter had was killed in a motorcycle accident, and I had fertility issues leading to a hysterectomy. Our lives were shattered, and the harp helped put me back together. I hope that my music can give you some comfort for whatever you are facing.

Great for Healing Arts Offices, Spas, Massage Offices and Slow-Down Places

Are you a Healing Arts Practitioner? Add Reiki Harp music to your sessions, and see how much more relaxed they become. Harp strings produce healing frequencies that are absorbed by the body, creating balance and good energy flow. Your clients can relax deeper and receive your treatments more fully.

Personalized Recordings Available

If you would like a personalized Reiki Healing Harp treatment for yourself or another, please contact me. We’ll talk a bit about what’s going on, and then I’ll make a recording of Reiki Healing Harp music for you. You can listen to it in your car, at home, share it with friends, and feel better.

Blessings of Reiki and Aloha from Hawai’i Island

Reiki Healing Harp: Playing Harp Makes for Happy Hands

Cymber Lily Quinn, harpist, healing harp, reiki, reiki master, composer

Cho-Ku-Rei is the main shape I use for focusing energy. Its shape symbolizes the integration of the masculine (Yang) and feminine (Yin) energies within the human body. The top line represents the masculine. The vertical line represents the spine in the body. The spiral represents the feminine.

One of the great benefits of being a harpist and a Reiki practitioner is that my hands feel great all the time.

In my practice of Reiki, I draw symbols on my hands to begin the flow of Reiki. The basic symbol is Cho-Ku-Rei, which is a “focusing lens” that I use in all my work. The symbol itself does not create the energy, but the motion of my mind going over the shape is what focuses the Reiki energy.

If what you think about is what comes into reality, then by focusing a clear mind on Cho-Ku-Rei and your hands, the Reiki energies will begin to radiate to the hands. This is a personal experience, and must be experienced to be fully understood.

Many practitioners experience Reiki energy in their hands as tingling, heat, and lightness. In my imagination, I see that my hands become lenses for focusing Reiki energy, and I frequently feel heat and tingling. Once when working with a cancer patient, I felt waterfalls flowing though my hands.

In December 2007, I added the harp.

Cymber Lily Quinn, reiki, harp, reiki music, healing harp

The stretching action of the pluck wakes up the meridians in my hands, and allows a good flow of Reiki through my hands.

The physical motion of plucking a string stretches muscles, tendons, ligaments. 206 of them in the human hand, all in motion during the plucking action. In Traditional Chinese Medicine, all the meridians in the body exit through the fingers and toes. The plucking action of the harp stretches those meridians, allowing energies to flow more freely through the hands.

Plucking Starts the Flow of Reiki

This morning, I was playing harp for my husband over the phone. He’s on a business trip, and missing his daily dose of healing harp. As I was playing for him, I noticed as my the muscles and tendons in my hands began to warm up, the flow of Reiki was starting without my intention.

My hands felt very happy to be playing and to have Reiki energy running through them. My mind was a little disconcerted to have been briefly cut out of the loop, but is now happily enjoying the benefits of happy hands, too.

Your Hands Can Be Happy, Too

Reiki is a folk art, and is something anyone can do if they want to. You give Reiki whenever you give comfort and connection to another. You give Reiki when you kiss a boo-boo, talk to a plant, listen to a co-worker. Formal Reiki training allows you to give comfort and connection is more concentrated doses.

How to Have Happy Hands

  • If you have a job or a hobby that uses your hands, try giving a little comfort and connection when you do that next.
  • If you spend time at the computer, spend just a moment, and imagine comfort and connection flowing into your hands and out your fingers. Then continue through your day.
  • If you spend time with plants, take just a breath or two, and imagine comfort and connection flowing into your hands as you touch the plants.
  • How do your hands feel when you do this?
  • Extra credit: Put a not on your calendar for two weeks from now to look back and see if there are changes where you put your hands.

Let me know…

Leaving Silicon Valley for Reiki Healing Harp

Cymber Lily Quinn, Reiki master, healing harpist, author, writer, speaker, composerBack in the day in the 90s, I worked in Silicon Valley. I was a freelance marketing writer, and I loved my life. I was flying high, working with some of the most cutting edge technology at the time when the Internet was being born. I had the pleasure of working with some of the brightest and most talented engineers, business people, or people.

Everything runs its course.

Beginning in 2000, the bubble in Silicon Valley began to thin and fail. The telecommunications industry went through a major upheaval that caused them to stop buying technology for a while. Many Silicon Valley companies lost a lot of business, and the whole thing snowballed. As budgets got tighter, the consultants and freelancers like me were let go. In some ways, I think this was better than hanging around, waiting for the next round of layoffs.

It became more difficult to get new clients, and to be truthful, my heart wasn’t any it anymore. After many years of writing marketing copy for Hewlett-Packard (whom I loved), IBM, Informatica, and dozens of tiny start-ups, I had boiled it down to four simple ideas…I’ll let you in on the secret.

All high tech marketing can be described this way:

“Smaller. Faster. Saves you time and money.” I had made a very good living, saying those words in many creative ways. It was fun learning each new company and how they had made the world smaller and faster, how their solution saved their customers time and money. So many great ideas. So many great people.

Eventually, though, I was tired of saying it. Smaller, faster…yeah, whatever.

I wondered, for the for the first time what life might be like if it were bigger and slower.

I was primed for the Universe to begin to change me and prepare me for the next part of my life.

Are You Ready for Bigger and Slower?

  • Have you been trying to cram more things into your life, making everything smaller and faster?
  • Do you find that you have too many small, fast things running around in your life?
  • Are you thinking about slowing down, and doing things on a more human scale?

Write me and let me know? I’d love to hear…

The First of 28 Million Steps

Cymber Lily Quinn, Reiki master and healing harpist, composer, writer, author, speaker, coach

Watching the airplanes landing, I wondered what was next in my life.

One day in the late 90s, I was sitting in my office in Sunnyvale, California. I had a window, a desk, a phone, a job at a tiny PR firm as a writer and Jane-of-all-trades.

My office was in the flight path to Moffat Field, a nearby military base. As I watched huge planes circle and practice landing, I reflected only life. I was 32.

I had a great education. I had been blessed to receive three full scholarships to a prestigious boarding school, put myself through college by working at a newspaper. I had achieved my dream of being a professional writer. I had the husband, the house, the car, the job. I didn’t enjoy being a child, so having children wasn’t really a consideration. But I did enjoy coaching rowing in the early mornings, and felt that I had a community there.

I considered all of this, noted that I wasn’t happy like I had hoped I would be, and wondered what was next…

The gears of the Universe began turning, and my life started falling apart.

Are the Gears of Your Universe Starting to Turn?

Are you getting that vague feeling that you have completed your work in a certain area of your life?

Perhaps you see that there are things in your life that have served you well as a younger person, but aren’t working so well in your life now?

Can you place yourself in a sense of wonder? Can you wonder what is next?

Write me and let me know…Reiki blessings, CLxo