Reiki Music, Reiki Treatments, Reiki Healing Harp in Hawaii

Whether are resident or a visitor to Hawai’i, book your Reiki Healing Harp session today.

Personal recorded sessions

Contact me, and we’ll set an appointment for a call. We’ll speak for a 10-30 minutes, and get a feel for what your energy is like and what kind of music would be helpful for you.
Then I’ll record you a session of 5-8 minutes, which I will send you by email and by disk.
The suggested price range is $25-$150, depending on your budget. Payment can be made by check or PayPal.

Private In-person Sessions

If you are on Hawai’i Island, I am available for Reiki Healing Harp sessions in-person. I also travel  to the other islands.

I prefer to do house-calls and hotel-calls. This way you can relax in your own environment without having to drive. You can invite others to enjoy your healing harp session, or you can book private time.

A session usually takes about one hour, and you may lie down or sit in any position that is comfortable for you.

Each session is an individual experience.

Some people sleep. Others speak their way through their own guided meditation, while I provide the soundtrack. Some turn themselves into a giant ear and receive the music through their entire bodies.

All private sessions are by donation, so that anyone may receive healing harp without financial constraint. For those who can afford to pay, I suggest a price range of $50-$150 per session, plus mileage/airfare and travel to your location from Hakalau.

Meditation Concerts

Host a meditation concert at your home, vacation rental, church or other place of worship and meditation. I enjoy bringing healing music to groups. The group meditation and dynamic can be powerfully relaxing, and the benefits of comfort can last long after the concert is over.

Past concerts have been as small as three people, and as many as 600. As with private sessions, group meditation concerts are by donation, with a recommended price range of $15-$50, plus travel expenses as needed.

Ceremonial Music

Add the music of the heavens to your event. I enjoy adding Reiki healing energy to weddings, labyrinth walks, art openings, meditation groups, kirtan chanting, and more. Contact me to discuss how healing and meditative music might enhance your event and experience.

Catch me at Liliu’okalani Park

On some Fridays and Saturdays, around 7-8am, I play harp for the people who walk around our beautiful downtown Hilo Japanese gardens. I usually sit facing Hilo Bay, and bring Peanut with me.