About Cymber Lily

“At age 42, I decided to follow a childhood dream.

I learned to play the harp.

My life was never the same.”


Harpist, Composer, Healer

Creating music that goes beyond entertainment, Cymber Lily Quinn’s harp improvisations help her listeners relax, restore, and re-balance. Improvised rhythms, unexpected harmonies, and unique melodies mark her sound. The delicate tones and long spaces between notes induce a deep meditative calm, relaxation, and inner peace.

Cymber’s almost instinctive connection to the harp is a life theme. She first heard a harpist at the age of six, while attending a Denver Symphony Orchestra concert. The harpist, seated almost right in front of her, literally struck a chord in her.

Later in life, she learned that her Welsh roots give her an ancestral connection to the harp. The harp is the national instrument of Wales, and Welsh harpists enjoy an unbroken lineage reaching back to at least the 11th century.

Award-winning Recording

Cymber Lily’s first CD, “Seasons of the Soul,” was named the Big Island Music Award winner for 2011, and integrates the healing energies of Reiki, Traditional Chinese Medicine and the soothing qualities of the harp in an improvisational style.

Her second CD, “Time Tinctures,” provides improvised grounding energy for those who are running too fast, and healing for those who are feeling broken. Healing energies of Reiki and Traditional Chinese Medicine are incorporated into this selection of recordings that were first created for Sounding Circles Radio.

Relaxation, Meditation, Reiki

Knowing that the harp can move people toward better health and deeper peace, Cymber Lily studies the meditative and relaxation aspects of the harp. Her love of music, inner wisdom, and ever-deepening understanding of Reiki, bioenergetics, and sound healing colors her work. She finds inspiration from unusual sources:  Traditional Chinese Medicine, Taoist philosophy, Kabbalism.

As a Level III Master-Teacher in the Usui Tradition of Reiki, Cymber Lily can sense different energy states in listeners, and uses that sensibility to inform her play.

Her soulful, improvisational music – based on the training from the International Harp Therapy Program in San Diego, California – emanates from her understanding of the harp’s vibrational power and the way its sound waves affect the body.

It is with this graceful and profoundly moving instrument that Cymber Lily manages to create new space where the body can come back into balance.

Inspiration in Nature

Cymber is strongly influenced by the natural world.  She grew up in the Colorado Rocky Mountains, and one of her favorite sounds is still the wind whistling through pine needles.

Today, in her pastoral community on the agricultural slopes of east Hawaii Island, Cymber Lily Quinn teaches, composes and performs in concerts and community events. As an author, she published the article “Reiki and the Harp:  Connections in Vibration and Entrainment” for The Reiki Digest.

The Journey Home

As a musician, Cymber has come to her instrument later in life. Her path shifted her out of Silicon Valley and the high-tech, high stress marketing work.  As a result of her own long journey of recovery from endometriosis, she has learned to take her own life a lot slower.

Now in her 40s and back in the arms of music, Cymber Lily Quinn brings a deep intelligence and even deeper sense of purpose to her work with the instrument that captivated her imagination so many years ago.


Cymber Lily Quinn
harpist & Reiki master-teacher
Level III, Usui Tradition
Special Correspondent to The Reiki Digest
Additional Study: History of Reiki, and Harp Resonant Tone
Certified facilitator of Indigo Spiritual Healings
Member, The Network of Soul Center Facilitators
Minister, Universal Life Church


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