Problems, Joys, and Whales

Cymber Lily Quinn, reiki heaing harp, meditation and relaxationWow, I got so many great responses from my last email…

I asked “What’s your most pressing problem?” and you wrote about gun control and education.You told me about needing to find homes for your sheep. You want to learn to sing and drum, too.

What brought you the most joy? One of you helped the Salvation Army give toys to 1,300 children. One of you gave your honey-spouse a back scratch.

One of you shared Christmas carols with friends, and made it onto TV.

My most pressing problem lately has been learning the technology to communicate with you. And after years of digging into this stuff I’m finally starting to get the hang of it. Wow.

What brought me the most joy?

Seeing the whales.

They winter in Hawaii, and the other morning, I was dancing my morning hula. I was struggling with the last part, and had danced through it several times to get it right. At the end, I looked up, through my outstretched hands, and saw the spouts of two whales.

Then I saw them jump. It was magical.

What was the last magical thing you experienced?

I’d love to hear about it.

Wishing you blessings of Reiki, harps and Hawaii,


PS - I am making changes to my website and to my newsletter. Be on the lookout for a one-time new subscription change soon.