A Message from Cymber Lily

Cymber Lily Quinn, Reiki master and meditation harpist ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Aloha, friend.
And welcome to the world of the harps.

I’m so glad you found us! I’ve been waiting for you, getting ready for your arrival.

Maybe you have always loved harp music.
Or you just heard one for the first time recently, and you want to hear more.
Maybe someone played for you in the hospital. Or concert hall.
It was special.

For me, the journey to the harps and Reiki started when I became very ill with something that doctors couldn’t diagnose for 28 years. In my search to become well, I discovered the instinctive love the people have for harp music, and how it was always able to bring me comfort and relief.

I was extremely lucky to meet Lisa Swisher, a Reiki master par excellance, who introduced me to the idea that the body can heal itself if it’s allowed to rest long enough.

I believe that harps and Reiki kept me alive, so that I could finally find the treatment that worked. And in completing my treatment, I know that the harps and Reiki allowed that treatment to work deeper and more effectively.

No matter what part of the journey you are one, you are in the right place, and it is the right time. I hope that you enjoy your time exploring this site.

I focus on the health benefits of

  • harps
  • Reiki – a Japanese style of energy balancing
  • relaxation
  • meditation

If the body is allowed to rest and relax, it can restore itself to health. Both Reiki and harp music are powerful – and natural – tools for bringing the body into balance.

Please take your time, and enjoy the information here.